Therefore the presence of both Prakrti and Purusa is necessary in the formation of this universe. But from the Saiva point of view, this differentiated perception of these two elements is the field of the ignorant. Those who are filled with God-consciousness feel that Purusa and Prakrti are one Reality only. That is Siva.
Chapter XIV
Here Lord Krishna describes the position and differentiated actions of the three gunas. Abhinavagupta concludes that ego does not at all remain in the mind of the yogi who has attachment, love and zeal for the Lord. For him it does not matter whether he is in sattvic state, rajasic state or tamasic state. There are three kinds of waves moving in this world. One is sattva, another is rajas and the third is tamas. They vibrate in individuals. They do not vibrate universally. When one person has a sattvic wave passing through him, it is not necessary that the person sitting near him also feel the same wave. That person may feel the tamas wave and some otras, the ordinances. At the same time you have to know that this way of routine life is not the chief aim. The final goal of life is to merge in Lord Siva.
So you must not boast of being pure or virtuous, while you must remain so. You should not tell lies but at the same time do not boast of being truthful, for truthfulnes only is not the goal. The goal is something else, and that is attachment, love and devotion for Lord Siva.
Chapter XVII
What you were doing during the period of ignorance you continue to do the same actions during the period of knowledge, when you are a realized soul. There is no change in your activities - eating, walking, talking, cutting your nails and hair, going to bath-room, etc. on realization of God-consciousness activity remains the same but the fruit is unique. The fruit is liberation from the pangs of repeated births and deaths. Faith in the essential and non-committal Self is necessary.
Chapter XVIII
It is the three gunas (qualities) which give rise to the differentiated intellect. The intellect then becomes dull and stupid. It becomes ignorance in the absence of God-consciousness. You must cut such intellect to pieces, by being established in the guileless atmasvarupa. Shatter the limited intellect and awake to the universal oneness of Supreme Consciousness. That is the state of Visnu, which is beyond thought, which is beautiful with His own nature.
When a yogi evolves into that state, when the little self of Jiva merges in the universal Self of Siva, then whatever action is done, that becomes a means to attain Lord Siva. Understand this secret.
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Meditation & Yoga
  1. The first requirement is to have an absolutely clean mind. A clean mind is one which has feelings of sameness for everyone, with no animosity towards anyone. Only when the mind is clean, you can meditate with cccupies, the quicker the result. In chakrodaya, the breath has to be inhaled and exhaled by the through the throat and not by the heart which could be very dangerous and deadly procedure.
    Through practice of this gross movement of breath is refined and with passage of time, becomes more and more subtle. At this point begins pranayama.
    Turya is neither wakefulness , dream not the deep sleep. In reality, it exists in the junction between any of these three states. When you enter into the state of turya, the five organs of action are rendered powerless and cease to function. Turya does not concern himself with external occuring around him. This is the full state of pranayama. In the state of turya, you perceive mentally thepresence of five subtle elements. Hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell. You must ignore them completely and settle deeply into your own one pointed awareness. This settling is called pratyahara. It is the winding up of the external world and entering int="text-decoration: none; font-weight: normal;font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif, Verdana;">Meditation and Yoga'; $mk=html('Ishwar Ashram Trust - Teaching','',' bgColor="#CCFFFF"').tab("center","99%","0","0","0") . '>'.head1().''.menua($v,$v1,"Teaching","#0000ff").'
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